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Our website was revamped !

Synonymous of a new period, our website has a new look in order to gain in simplicity and clarity. We hope you like this version ! Feel free to comment !

Back on stage in 2016 !

A long time has passed but finally here it is…Shiban is back on stage on May 3, 2016 This will take place at the “Quartier General” (Headquarters), a very nice bar located at 101 rue Oberkampf in Paris (Metro Parmentier). It starts at 20:30. Shiban kicks off the evening. It will be full of rock....

The third EP is online !

Long work, but now it’s there ! The third EP is now online. You can listen to it and even buy it on the following platforms : Deezer Spotify iTunes googleplay Amazonmp3 You can also listen to it freely on our soundcloud and on youtube. The lyrics are right here Enjoy and feel free to...



Shiban is, first, the meeting, on the Parisian stage, of four friends who decide to share a musical adventure: Dhakouane at the mic and Tristan on the drums, quickly joined by Arnaud on the guitar, then Maximilien for arrangements. The band tries out its collective composition on stage (Gibus, New Morning, etc…), before starting recording three EP: - “Run Away” in 2012, whose music video “Reason dies” reaches nearly 400,000 views on youtube. - “Walk on Air” in 2013 and its music video “Revolution in Time” in 2014 - “Open My Third Eye” in 2015. Through these three EP, Shiban ensures its filiation and its love to alternative rock'n'roll, while gathering different music influences, according to the desires of each member. The band does not hesitate for example to mix, sometimes within the same song, funk influences, metal riffs and symphonical sound. Shiban's music remains coherent and reflects a constant research of pleasant melodies, a right harmony, without giving up spontaneity and clean energy of rock'n'roll. This daring sound alchemy allows Shiban exploring all kinds of emotions, according to the stories that Dhakouane tells us: sometimes intimist, other epics, Shiban's songs are sometimes revolted, merry, worrying, contemplative or even dreamlike. This last year has been an important year for Shiban: with the arrival of François, the band begins a new cycle. Shiban will be back on stage with new compositions and the ambition to write a new episode of its musical adventure.



Lead Vocalist

From his earliest years, he was immersed into the arab music inspired by his own mother :singer and oud player. The first musical influences were the tunisian local chant and religious ones but also Mohamed Abdelwahab, Oum Kalthoum and Fairuz.. Quickly signed up for musical classes at the conservatory, he takes music theory, harmony and singing lessons..there he discovered the passion for classic piano and practised it for several years (with main reference: Rameau and Tchaïkovski). Over the years, the music influences increased to western world's music and mainly rock music. Thus, it expanded from Nirvana, Red hot chili peppers, RATM, Radiohead, Ben Harper, some Skate System of a recently Incubus, Flyleaf, Explosion in the sky, John Frusciante, Oceansize... From one experience in a band to an another, he finally decided, in Paris, among Shiban, of which he is the founder, to develop his earmark of modulating his voice sometimes soft, sometimes fierce in order to inhabit his different characters.



Young, he was guided by his father (former drummer) to learn drums. Thus,at 4 years old, he get into Agostini School in Orléans. There he learned how to hold sticks and to keep the rhythm! During the first 15 years, he was mainly interested by the technical side of songs until a friend of him will make him discover through a best-of CD from the irish band U2. Rock music will be then his main influence with bands like Green day, SOAD, Thousand Foot Krutch, Coldplay, FoB, OneRepublic, Spoken... In parallel, his passion for cinema and mangas brings him to know music from Danny Elfman, John Williams, David Newman et E S Posthumus, some J-Pop from Yui, hearts Grow or Lotus Juice and some J-rock from Beat Crusaders, Orange Range or Uverworld. At 18 years old, mainly due to his studies, he will stop for two years. But just some weeks after his moving to Paris, in 2003, Dhak asked him for a try to form a band. Since that day, they are still playing together.



Coming from a family of musicians, he get one's bearing in playing the guitar rounded up by his father also a guitar player. Around 11 years old, on his first electric guitar, he tries to perform Santana, The Shadows, Jimmy Hendrix and Pink Floyd. Times are changing and the attractiveness of music became increasingly blurred. But at 18 years old, his interest in music reappears. He sings for the first time while playing on his folk guitar some songs from DePalmas, Indochine, Téléphone. Further one, the welter of rock music will bring him back to the electric guitar. This mixing of musical influences echoes in his playing until today: from Noir désir, Wampas to Déportivo for french rock music , and Subways, Arctic Monkeys, Clash, Ramones, Green Day, Led Zep, AC/DC, Guns n' Roses, Pink Floyd, Deftones, Tool...for the rest. In 2006, growing tired of playing on his own he decided to create a band and he finally joined the adventure of ShiBan.



Music took a decisivie place in his life from an early age. After practicing guitar during a decade, François temporarily stopped music in order to concentrate on his studies. When he resumes a few years later, he dedicates himself to bass guitar - an instrument he was always attracted by when he was younger - in order to grow this seed. Very influenced by Cold Wave (The Cure, Joy Division, Sisters Of Mercy), his way of playing gathers darkness and melodic pattern. The Musicman Stingray brings him the precision necessary for Shiban's bass lines. And,it took short time to welcome him amongst Shiban members.


Find here some testimonials received from fans concerning our stuff
Yop Shiban ! Je voulais juste vous dire un grand merci pour cette chanson, elle m'emporte loin dans un royaume que je ne demande qu'à découvrir. Les images sont tellement belles, et je ne parle pas seulement d'un point de vue technique ou de l'image, mais bien de cet amour étrange et finalement fatal... tout du moins si ma perception des éléments est correcte^^ Cette histoire, je la garderai en moi pour toujours, tellement belle, pure, désintéressée... Merci d'avoir partagé ça avec nous, grâce à vous j'ai passé des moment géniaux ! Juste pour confirmer, je n'ai aucune intention d'arrêter de vous découvrir, ce serait une pure folie que de stopper cette découverte ! Bonne continuation les gars, j'espère que vous nous ferez encore rêver plus d'une fois^^

Zane Line

Shiban, i heard this song when i tried to download some torrents on and a window opened behind the main window, and started playing this song, i wanted to close it but i realy liked the song... Its really something else... Sorry for typing errors, my english is rusty but i get the song 100% Good luck with the band... Greeting from Serbia, small town Cuprija... <3

Mihajlo Stankovic

it's very rare to find such a highly artistic music video with a lovely song with meaningful beauty in it , all i can say is bravo well done hope to see more of you guys , i hate to see true talent go to waste

Ranya Bouayadi

Oh my God we really love this! It's very inspiring and your voice is beautiful! The video is gorgeous :) x

Sam Polman

when internet create an ad in an other page, i'll immediatly closed it but i heared your voice and your music, i saw your clip and i stay on this page. I was marveled. Really great job and really great voice, i hope you will continue and i hope you will become a star because u sing best than 80% of today's singers. Good luck, same if you already have the talent.

Thanato necro


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