ShiBan interviewed on Radio Sensations

Monday 28 april 2014,  ShiBan will be the guest of Tom in hisRock One Attitudeshow on  Radio Sensations.

You will be able to listen to almost 2h of interview in French with a maximum of news, revelations on what’s going on within the band and mainly lots of informations about our universe.

So if you are a french speaker, for listenning to the interview: just go to the site using your computer or using your phone, tablet, etc. …. (TuneIn Radio, Winamp, etc. ..). Just clic HERE

OR even using  the FM for the people living in the Yvelines (98.4 FM), the Essonne(89.2 FM) ou the Bernay (93.4 FM) et around.

Enjoy !

About the author: Dhak